Dive Kingdom

Water Sports

Snorkeling is the easiest and the ideal way to explore the coral reefs and the
marine life. We recommend that you speak to the dive center regarding the
ocean conditions as the currents may affect your experience. We advise you to
begin snorkeling against the current as when you get tired, it is easier to come
back with the current.
As you are not fully submerged in the water, it is very likely that you will suffer
sunburns and therefore it is recommended that you protect yourself prior to

A variety of snorkeling excursions are on offer at Dive Kingdom International, each
specifically designed to showcase the beauty and diversity of our coral reef
or to reefs nearby that are abundant with unique and delightful marine life.
Whether it is a guided snorkeling on our house reef either during the day or at
night or a snorkeling trip to a nearby uninhabited island, or a lesson to learn the
basics, the team at the water sports center will ensure that you explore a truly
mesmerizing seascape.

Take a gentle tour of the island from the ocean on our ocean paddle boats either
on a single or double canoe and enjoy the beauty of the sea with the glass
bottom canoes.

The mild winds and the shallow lagoon provide for the perfect conditions for
wind surfing. Our water sports instructor will be happy to provide a refresher
course or to teach you on the finer points of windsurfing. Combining the basic
elements of surfing and sailing, Dive Kingdom International offers a variety of options for
windsurfing with different boards and sails for experienced windsurfers with
lessons and courses available for those wishing to try for the first time.

Set sail on your own or with a seasoned captain enjoy the rush of your first time
on a catamaran. Visit a nearby island or simply bask in the delight of being in the
open sea. These non-motorized sailing experiences are geared for a revitalizing
and refreshing sailing experience either by day or by sunset.

A relatively new entrant into the world of water sports, stand up paddling offers
versatility unlike the more traditional form of surfing whereby you have the
ability of catch more waves in set and a better view of incoming sets whilst
benefitting from a strong core workout.

It is a tube that is connected with a rope to a speedboat. Just give it a try and
you will understand why it is called . . . FUN tube. With you sitting inside that
tube, the boat slowly starts accelerating and you move just above the water at
great speed. Great fun!

Sitting together with 5 people on the banana, the aim is to remain seated. As the
speedboat increases speed and turns you will have to hold on to the banana and
try to stay sitting on it. It’s an easy fun sport safely conducted with lifejackets.

With the ideal weather conditions where there is not much wind and a clear
lagoon makes it the perfect location for water skiing. For seasoned water skiers,
we encourage you to try the mono ski or wakeboarding.